Junior Squash Coaching

The Lings Forum Junior Squash Club was first started in 2007 and currently has approximately thirty-five junior members.

Junior coaching was first started by three Lings players keen on teaching their own children to play. They were quickly joined by other members who saw what was happening, and we've never looked back.

Some of the children, now young adults, that we first started coaching are now not only the best players in the club, but also in the county. They are a vital part of the Lings county teams and also assist in training the younger players. We are immensely proud of them!

We run junior coaching every Saturday morning, only breaking for two weeks at Christmas and over the summer holidays. The session starts at 8:50 and we deliver coaching until 10:10, but at that point additional courts are available for children to continue playing amongst themselves: this period can often be as fruitful as the time we take in teaching them proper technique. It also forms strong friendships, which many of our young club members have benefitted from over the years.

We arrange informal matches with other clubs in Northants and the surrounding counties. These events help the children to gain valuable match experience without the pressure of entering England Squash graded tournaments, which can be intimidating for new players until they have got a few friendlies under their belt.

For those looking to expand their capabilities, county coaching once a month from September to April will also increase their technical skills as well as introducing them to the county setup. Many of the Lings juniors graduate to county coaching and beyond - representing their area in tournaments all over the country. Indeed it has been known for some county squads to have been made up entirely of Lings juniors!

So, come along on Saturday and have a go, where you will be warmly welcomed by the coaches, parents, and the kids themselves. We can provide you with a racket and mandatory eye-protection for your first couple of sessions.

Coaching costs £4 if paying weekly, or £15 in six-week blocks.

Contact Mike Broadbent - northants.chairman@squashclubs.net if you would like further details
Or via the Facebook page: LingsJuniorSquash